Rosewater Spray | Hydrate and Tone Face | Silky, Shiny Hair

Rosewater Spray | Hydrate and Tone Face | Silky, Shiny Hair

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Fall in love with the simple attraction of this ancient and effective tool for health and beauty. This sweet balm for the skin has just one simple ingredient – steam distilled rosewater. Mist it onto your face for light hydration and natural skin toning, apply it to your hair for a silky shine and fantastic conditioning, or use it as a deeply enticing and naturally amourous personal scent.

  • Anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties support ongoing skin health and calm occasional irritations
  • High levels of vitamin C and antioxidants work to tone, hydrate, and give you smooth-feeling skin
  • Apply to the hair for light conditioning, a silky shine, and fantastic hydration
  • Sourced from highest quality steam-distilled rosewater from the rare Rosa damascena
  • Completely free from additives, preservatives or synthetic fillers

Embrace the simple allure of this sweet and ancient tool to benefit all types of skin and make your complexion shine with natural beauty. Our 100% pure Rosewater Spray is a compellingly simple solution of steam-distilled rosewater from the rare Rosa damascena that works to benefit complexion, boost skin health, nourish hair, and augment personal allure. Use it before makeup to hydrate, tone and support the health of your skin. Spritz it on as a refresher during the day, or in the evening to boost and nourish your complexion.

Don't add manufactured chemical products to your already stressed skin. Create a routine of natural beauty and care with the effective nourishing properties of pure products. Used since ancient times as a natural moisturizer and for its properties as a gentle cleanser, Rosewater is high in vitamin C and antioxidants, and has gentle anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties. Our product is completely free from additives, preservatives or synthetic fillers, so you can feel comfortable that you are treating your skin, scalp and hair with the most natural care on the planet.

In additional to topical benefits, Rosewater offers natural emotional and mood enhancements. Enjoy the aromatherapy benefits of this sweet floral scent to calm feelings of anxiety, promote better communication and heal relationships. Use it on blankets and linens for sweet overnight aromatherapy, better relaxation and for released tension and more effective sleep. Use it as a natural aphrodisiac to create ambiance and mood. Pamper yourself with rose-scented bathwater to help both mood and skin and to nourish a healthy, vibrant, young-looking complexion.

    How to Use Rosewater Spray

    Use 3 times daily to rejuvenate the skin and maintain a healthy glow.