Breathe Essential Oil Blend

Breathe Essential Oil Blend

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Find powerful respiratory support and feelings of breathing relief with the help of natural essential oils. Our Breathe blend includes a sweet combination of highest-quality full-strength essential oils – bracing Eucalyptus, purifying Lemon, sweet Orange, refreshing Lime, cleansing Tea Tree, warm Peppermint, and deeply supportive Marjoram and Rosemary – to lend feelings of easy breathing and clear airways.

  • Diffuse this full-strength essential oil blend for natural feelings of relief from respiratory congestion
  • Breathe to promote feelings of easy breathing and clear airways
  • Massage a topical dilution into chest & back for direct support
  • Use to ease feelings of breathing discomfort
  • DOCUMENTED 100% PURE. Every essential oil used in our blends undergoes extensive third-party GC/MS, Microbial and Organoleptic Testing to ensure it is 100% pure, natural, and free from adulterants.

Enjoy the massaged a warmth and soothing mentholated strength of natural essential oils to ease an aching chest, mild cough or an uncomfortable cold. Our Breathe essential oil blend brings a supportive warmth and gentle relief to your home and family – without exposing them to manufactured chemical compounds or the typical petroleum goop you find in many products designed for this purpose.

This powerful blend brings together premium essential oils in a full-strength fusion to support respiratory health and give feelings of relief when you are down with sniffles, a mild cough, or uncomfortable congestion. Mist it through a diffuser and breathe sweet relief, or massage a dilution into the skin for a more targeted approach.

The bracing scent of warm Eucalyptus and sweet Peppermint are blended with uplifting citrus and purifying herbal strength to create a gentle, grounding, and potent blend that naturally supplements your watchful care the next time someone at home has mild respiratory symptoms that need natural support.